Arbonne Opportunity! Arbonne has an awesome compensation plan and discounts to high-end, high quality products. But what is even better than that, to me, is being able to introduce people to products that are going to help people have access to SAFE products for themselves and their loved ones.

As if none of that sounded good enough to you, lets get to the rewards and training! There are yearly Global Training Conferences and little gifts sent out when you are doing well. Mercedes-Benz at certain levels (and yes I know a couple people personally who are already at this level). And the best, in my opinion, INCENTIVE TRIPS! The trip this October is…. *drum roll please* the Dominican Republic!

My reason for joining. 1) I tried a Pomegranate Fizz Stick and fell in love. But also, I am a recent college graduate and I wanted extra money just to be able to pay my loans off as fast as I could. Arbonne has helped me with this, and I have paid over half my loans in just under a year so far. I love all the support and camaraderie Arbonne brings, from people just cheering you on and all the advice you gain. It’s very rewarding, in more ways than one.

To learn more or view products click here.

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