How to ‘Diet’ Soda

I don’t want to keep talking about ingredients in products, but in my last post I covered beauty products and today I just want to take a moment to talk about another beverage that America practically revolves around (besides beer)… SODA (or “pop” for my East Coast, “Coke” for my Southerners). People drink soda for many different reasons and occasions: as mixers, to wake them up, or just because it goes so well with pizza. But do you actually know what you are actually drinking?

High Fructose Corn Syrup is an ingredient that I think EVERYBODY has heard of and knows that it is something to stay away from, but do you know why? HFCS is one of the major causes of obesity… and America is one (if not the most) obese countries in the world (I wonder why). A large percentage of households in American drink soda or fruit juices daily. And just a heads up, most fruit juice companies are OWNED by these soda companies! So, it’s no surprise that they use the same ingredients. Some of the health risks that come with obesity are heart disease, heart attacks, and Type 2 diabetes.

Artificial Dyes and Caramel Coloring (as well as yellow dyes in lemon drinks) are used to make you drinks that classic brown to Pepsi and Coca-Cola products (plus all the other one that have this color), but is having that brown color worth having the increase in risk in cancer. Not only does it increase the risk of cancer, it also has been known to worsen asthma symptoms.

Caffeine is one where in moderation can be okay, but when you start to drink it in excess it has been identified as being a major inhibitor in fertility, diabetes, insomnia, plus it is very dehydrating (which has a bunch of effects on the body itself). Caffeine is very addictive as it is, but the last thing you want to be addicted to products with these kinds of ingredients.SUGAR, SUAGR, SUGAR is clearly a product our body doesn’t need, especially because it isn’t cane sugar, it is REFINED SUGAR. You can go forever without ingesting refined sugar, and your body will never miss it. But Sugar does SO much harm to your body. Eating (and drinking) high amounts of sugar can bring about a string of diseases- even if you are already very healthy. That is how bad sugar is for you. A risk that researchers found in men who had high sugar diets, were very unhealthy levels of fat in their blood and livers- which can increase the risk of heart disease (Right As Rain). Here is just an example of the amount of sugar in Mountain Dew: a 20oz bottle has 77g of sugar. 77 GRAMS OF SUGAR!! In a bottle that you can easily down in 4 minutes. This is a picture of what that looks like.

Left is 20 oz of Mountain dew, the right is 1 L. (

I’m sure you are sitting there wondering “what am I going to drink then?” here are some tips!

  • This is my go to for a very low sugar MIXED drink- Vodka, Club soda, and Fizz Stick (Pomegranate) , not only is it absolutely delicious- it helps with hangovers because it is filled with antioxidants and vitamins! I drank 10 drinks the other night, I got up the next morning and worked out. Have never been able to do that before LOL!
  • That Fizz Stick above (also comes in Citrus and seasonal flavors), is also amazing during the day! It gives you energy and is used to replace coffee and soda. With only 13 calories, and very low sugar; it will definitely get you on the right path to getting healthy.
  • There is nothing wrong with FRESH fruit juices and smoothies, they are low in sugar (and are the right sugars you want anyways) and are filled with nutrients.
  • After drinking soda, swish your mouth out with water (to help dilute the sugar and acid.

As my last post, this is just a very small list to help you become aware as to why you should stay away from these products! Follow so you can stay tuned with our posts. I promise it won’t be about ingredients!

Have a safe weekend every one!

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