Apple Cider Vinegar Can Help With WHAT?

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) has been around for years. But within the past week, I have learned of many, many wonderful benefits that can come from this mysterious vinegar. Of course people have known for decades that you can use ACV on windows and make them sparkling clean. Or you can even use it to kill weeds. But have you heard of these beauty health hacks that can be done by using it? Well, you are going to learn today! And trust me, I’m about to change your life.

I am a platinum blonde- which had me bleach my hair many times in the past few years. Yeah, not that healthy (trying to get out of platinum). So, my hair=damaged. Until now…

One benefit of ACV is that it rinses your hair of any build up, it helps you regrow your hair, it helps strengthen hair, and it helps keep it soft and healthy. I sat for an hour with ACV on my roots, all the way to my ends. When I washed my hair, I was amazed. My hair was kind of “fluffy” (Dry) because of how bad it was before, but after one wash my hair was straight and healthy. I had/still have hardly any hair come out when I brush. My hair is great! I really am amazed. Soaking with ACV will grow hair that you have lost, and it can make your hair grow faster; as well as make it shiny and restore health. Rinsing your hair with it after you shampoo will also make it shiny and flake free. It gets rid of dandruff. This beats ANY high-end, chemical filled conditioner you find in Sephora.

Like that isn’t enough. Want to lose weight and/or be healthy? Drink a tablespoon every day. It will boost your immune system, but it will also aid in weight loss. As well as helping you stay away from your sugar cravings (use ACV or Fit Chews for this)! Yep, it reduces those cravings (which is a big one for me). It can be kind of hard to drink it with just an 8 ounces of water, so I like to put it in a large gallon water container with cucumbers and strawberries, with squeezed lemon, and drink the ACV that way. Other tips are to put it in tea or hot water with lemon. Anyway, just get it down! Drinking this can also help in diabetes prevention, lower cholesterol, help sinus infections, help sore throats, and boost your energy. And so on.

Soak your feet in a cup of ACV and 3 cups of warm water. It will calm your tired feet, or just make the dead skin fall off and help them be smooth like they used to be years ago. You can mix ACV with Listerine and water, and it will really help tired feet. BONUS* soaking in ACV will get rid of smelly feet. So, it’s a two-in-one!

How could this get any better? Mixing one part ACV with one part water and using a cotton ball will make an at home toner (do not recommend doing this one though if you have sensitive skin like me). That people swear by! Or just use it to cleanse your face, either way= perfect skin.

This isn’t even half of the benefits that come from ACV. I am just introducing you to a few of the benefits of ACV, go look up all the other wonderful perks of having this in your home. You will be saving so much money on beauty products, which are packed full of ingredients that are going to make you age and just damage your skin fast (if you don’t find the right companies). Pay $8.00 for a bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar WITH the Mother in it, and you are all set to go.

Do you have a beauty hack secrets?? I’d love to hear them!!

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