Spring has (Finally) Come…Here Are 6 Ways to Stay Healthy and Relaxed During it

Spring is FINALLY here, at least in Ohio (I’m really hoping it’s not still snowing near you guys); which means we can finally go outside again without becoming an icicle! Here are 6 things to do this Spring that will not only keep you healthy- they will keep you relaxed and stress-free.

1)Go for a walk outside. Stop and smell the roses! We got totally ripped off on a Fall last year, so now is our chance. Spring brings perfect weather (not too hot, not too cold), which means you won’t be sweating bullets being outside for 5 minutes while walking your dog. Spring also brings beautiful sights. Not only will this help you lose weight and make your heart healthier; it will help clear your mind too.

2) Start a little garden. Gardening is awesome to just clear your mind and help you feel relaxed (plus it is a great workout). I don’t mean growing a huge 20+ plant garden (unless you want to), but even just growing a couple flowers is calming. Here are a couple seeds you should plant in Spring:  




Snow Peas



Not only will these keep you healthy, it will save you money!

3) Open up the windows. Spring has such great weather, but all good things have a vice- rain! Rain is not fun to be outside in, but it is so relaxing to listen to! SO, what I want you to do is open up the window and: grab a good book, put in a fun movie, do your spring cleaning, or get some work done. Whatever you choose, just open up the windows and let the smell of flowers and the sound of rain fill your home.

4) Spa Day! Everybody deserves to spoil themselves sometimes, especially after all the Spring cleaning you are doing! It doesn’t even have to be a full day, it could just be a manicure/pedicure or a massage. Yes, men get massages too! Go get that massage you’ve been craving, you DESERVE it!

5) Netflix Binge. This is perfect for those very rainy days that are bound to happen in Spring. Find a new TV show that you can just cuddle up and watch all day. Sometimes there is nothing more relaxing than losing yourself in a new show- even if it is just one day a week. (Partner this up with healthy snacks, like fruit or veggies).

6) Amusement Park. Winter just ended, which means amusement parks are opening up again! There is no better way to get rid of stress like screaming at the top of your lungs. Plus, amusement parks are large places, which means you’ll get lots of steps in.

What are your favorite Spring time activities?

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